Girl-Child Education

Girl-child education is at the top of our core pillars, having learnt that every day, girls face hinderance to education as a result of poverty, poor infrastructure, cultural norms and practices, violence and fragility. We have a vision to go beyond getting girls to school, but also, ensure they are  comfortable in school and have the to complete all levels of education.


Centre for Indigenous Child Rights is on a mission to support UN Declaration on ending FGM by 2030, we are working hard in West Pokot County, Kenya to eradicate the vice now, we are developing tailor-made approaches for the different regions in West Pokot County towards shifting their minds in ending FGM.

Menstrual Hygiene and Education

CICR understands that menstrual hygiene is essential to the empowerment and well-being of women and girls globally. We are committed to doing more than ensuring access to sanitary towels and appropriate toilets to ensuring girls and women live in an environment that values and supports their ability to manage menstruation with dignity.

Sexual Reproductive Health Rights

CICR is committed sensitizing the community through trainings and provide them correct SRHR information to enable them make informed decisions as well as encouraging them to seek these services.

Peace Building

We have established tailor-made initiatives that are targeted towards supporting peace building initiatives. We believe with peace we will be able to implement other projects, we envision a community that peace by making them peace ambassadors.

Advocacy on Climate Change

CICR believe that it is our collective responsibility to protect our planet, in this regard we ensure in all our programs we integrate environmental protection. We are committed to seeking more partners to make environmental protection a reality. we also support UNEP in ecosystem restoration initiative

Ending GBV & Fighting for Equality

CICR is committed to oppose any system that lower girls and women status. We believe to end Gender Based Violence, we need involvement of groups at all levels including challenging and changing such systems of power. We are seeking for partners that we will together add value in ending GBV globally through addressing different forms of GBV uniquely to achieve better positive results. 

Women & Girls Empowerment

We have established tailor-made initiatives that are targeted towards supporting women and girls economically. We will be making such initiatives owned by women and girls especially in remote parts of West Pokot County. We are also advocating for women and girls economic rights in all our activities.

Community General Improvement

We believe communities are built when people work together on things that matter to them since all other pillars involves community, we are seeking to bring positive change in pokot community which will then bridge success of girl-child education, ending FGM, ending GBV, menstrual hygiene and women empowerment.

nakwijit arp

Nakwijit-West Pokot County, Kenya- End FGM campaign and ARP ceremony

CICR carried out intensive sensitization campaign to advocate for abandonment of FGM and harmful cultures and Alternative Right of Passage for 200 

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Chekomos-West Pokot County, Kenya- Menstrual hygiene and education 

We conducted a one day sensitization meeting at Chekomos Secondary school on menstrual health and hygiene where 100 girls participated. 

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Kuyogh-West Pokot County, kenya- End GBV advocacy and follow up

We conducted one-day advocacy on abandonment of Gender Based Violence. 100 girls and women were in participation. We also did follow up for our previous work

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North Rift Radio show on end fgm and wrap-up of zero tolerance to fGM Day

On 6th Feb we participated in International Day for Zero Tolerance to FGM at Alale West Pokot and conducted radio talk-show in the evening as a wrap up on #EndFGM

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Lomut Youth Football tournament and End FGM campaign

We conducted End FGM campaigns through football tournament that brought 200 youth together.

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Kaptolomwo end GBV campaign and mentorship program

We conducted mentorship program for both girls and boys and there after campaigned to end all form GBV for better society 

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chepolet end FGM seminar and ARP event

We held a one-week seminar on End FGM that saw 500 people in attendance. We there after conducted an alternative right of passage for 200 girls present.

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orwo End FGM consultative forum

We held two day consultative meeting with elders and young men of orwo on negative effect of FGM and called upon them to support the campaign. We also held meeting with TBAs who forged to support in shifting mindset from FGM.

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muino End FGM campaign and follow up program

We conducted a 2-day End FGM campaign at Muino with women, girls and elders to show them the negativity of FGM and positive part if they vow to abandon the vice.

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north-rift radio talk-show on end gBV in west pokot county

We held a radio talk-show to advocate for End all forms of GBV, to have a community free from violence and collectively work to better life.

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